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Roostevabast terasest võrkvöö kasutamisel pöörake tähelepanu keskkonna korrosioonile

Kasutusaegmetallist võrkvöösõltub transpordimaterjali kuumusest ja looduslikust keskkonnast ning konveiervõrgu tugevus langeb soojuse kasvades.
(1) The metallist võrkvöö generates a lot of heat due to high-temperature friction; due to different thermal expansion coefficients, different materials may be welded together, and thermal fatigue may occur. When the heat exceeds 400°C and the thermal expansion between parts causes intermittent reduction, creep, (high temperature) thermal brittleness, carbon precipitation brittleness, thermal transition (cooling and expansion) interference should be considered. High temperature will hinder lubrication. Silicon, graphite and molybdenum disulfide lubricants have good heat resistance.
(2) Long-term exposure of the metallist võrkvöö to corroded materials will cause the mesh belt parts to become narrower and faster to damage. The corrosion on the parts will affect the rotation flexibility of the metallist võrkvöö hinge and drum.
(3) Under the acidic or alkaline natural environment of the metallist võrkvöö, the parts will suffer stress corrosion and grain corrosion. In the corrosive natural environment, attention must be paid to the material selection of mesh belt components.

The metallist võrkvöö should be kept clean on the surface of the natural environment, and the inlet and outlet should be free of impurities. Please remove the dust and other impurities in the mesh belt and tube in time. The metallist võrkvöö should be stored in a dry natural environment to prevent the motor from regaining moisture.
When storing the metallist võrkvöö in the open air, measures should be taken to prevent rain. In the process of storage and transportation, the mesh belt should be prevented from beating to avoid damage to the mesh belt. Tongjin must maintain sufficient power supply facility capacity, stable voltage, and strictly prohibit phase-loss operation. The power cord must be a dedicated cord, and temporary cords should not be used for long-term power supplies.